What Happens On Your First Visit To Muscle IQ?


On your first check out, you will get a thorough examination to determine your joint and muscular health and fitness.Our main objective is to recognize muscle weakness.A weak muscle is either the cause of your problem, or it is a sign of the repercussion of an injury or condition.

The medical professionals at MUSCLE IQ generally start with hands-on testing followed by computerized medical equipment testing.These tests will help us identify the source and detect of your problem.A precise diagnosis makes rehab treatments a hundred times more effective.

The evaluation will also assist us find your Muscle IQ score.This rating is a measurement of your capability to secure your body from injury and repetitive strain. At the end of your visit, we get more info will give you the results.
During your first check out to our Provo physical treatment center, you will likewise get targeted manual therapy treatment based upon the examination findings.The purpose of the treatment is to reduce your symptoms and turn on weak muscles.

Elevate your LIFE at MUSCLE IQ

If your goal is pain relief & better performance Elevate your LIFE at MUSCLE IQ!

Lots of people discover MUSCLE IQ through word of mouth, possibly a success story told by a friend who has attended our Provo physical therapy clinic.The medical professionals at MUSCLE IQ deal effective services to treat common joint and muscle conditions.What makes us exceptional?Our doctors are trained to analyze your issue from a totally different perspective.

Whether you are an active participant in life or somebody who has actually been challenged with consistent pain, we will find the SOURCE of your PROBLEM or condition and work with you to discover a SOLUTION.

How strong are your muscles?

Strong muscles secure. With musculoskeletal pain there is generally muscle weakness. At Muscle IQ we can check particular back, knee, neck and shoulder muscle strength utilizing our electronic David Medical Exercise Equipment. (Click Here for More Info). The computerized measurement system records movement and strength in all movement planes. These worths are compared with reference values matched to a patient's age, gender, height, and weight. This permits us to track development in strength and series of motion of the spinal column. A personalized exercise program is generated based upon these measurements. We believe a full healing needs a return to regular back muscle strength. With the test arises from the David devices we can inform our clients how far they are from typical strength. We retest strength and range of movement at set periods. We can objectively prove the gains our clients are making in strength with our screening reports. Your doctor or your insurance provider will also like seeing your development.

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